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Mary’s Ground to Park, dedicated lovers are given a comprehensive state of information during their outings across the grounds by the Premier League Away Days app. Apart proponents are important to both the Premier League’s constant abundance along with their clubs, we set their considerations at the primary of our method and when building efficiency and this content of the software.
We realize that the match day knowledge spans beyond the 90 – sport, therefore every second from dawn to dark of the away day voyage was deemed, adding supporter feedback whatsoever phases of improvement.

We realize that the match time expertise covers – recreation, therefore every moment of the away-day journey from birth to dusk was considered, integrating enthusiast feedback at all stages of growth. In the planning stage, we went a series of ally and team courses to investigate an individual experience in the bottomup. The focus groups’ results validated our thinking that was initial, making sure users’ desires were usually of paramount value.

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Mary’s Arena to Park, the Premier League Away-Days app gives a thorough slate of data during their journeys across the grounds to dedicated lovers. Apart enthusiasts are priceless to both the constant success of the Premier League along with their clubs, we set their considerations in the core of our method so when establishing functionality and the content of the app.
We realize that the complement day experience spans – recreation, consequently every moment of the away day adventure from dawn to sunset was considered, integrating fan feedback in any way phases of progress.