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The FSC program promises to become a combination of martial arts fight strategies and Specific Drive which have been built to meet with the demands of stability work and personalized protection and protection work. This program assures a ‘devastating’ fight-ending invasion approaches against armed enemies, hit, unique power locks and pauses, mind techniques to disturb the thoughts of the attacker and thus far more. By claiming to show technique that’ll definitely keep you living even though faced with a large shooting, curiosity also raises.

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This system contains instructing the person Alpha Nation’s that are a variety of fatal battle moves after the transfer which will be theoretically likely to end the battle also before it starts. While in the films contain, the techniques trained:
The order Existence Handbook which comes free with-it is full of hints that can be used to build a of the alphadog around yourself and feeling of assurance that educated fighting fighters, agents and bodyguards have now been educated in. The manual claims to place off prospective attackers whilst the sensation of energy and confidence surrounding you’ll scare them away.